emz (holly_dont_go) wrote in southerngrrrls,

the flyer

Southern Girls Convention

Where: Warren Wilson College , Swannanoa, NC, in the beautiful

Southern Appalachian Mountains (oh yeah!)

When: March 14-16 th , Spring 2003

Who: ALL ages, ALL genders (yes, that includes trannies and radical

men) There will be workshops for all ages.

Why: The SGC is an annual event held to empower women & young girls

in a world that doesn’t always do so.

--Interested in facilitating workshops, performing, etc. please contact

Miriah at (828) 771-5933

--general questions contact Alison at The Big Idea (828) 258-1239

www.southerngirlsconvention.org (under construction)

please send emails to sgc2003@hotmail.com

if you would like to distribute the flyer and registration forms in your area, to your local activist groups and women's groups, please email : sgc@hotmail.com

ALSO: a reminder that if you would like to facilitate a workshop at this year's convention, you should email the southern girl's. remember, we can invite everyone to the convention but we need people to fill up the time slots.

any suggestions for entertainment? you know someone in a band that wants to play? you're in a band that wants to play at sgc? well jump on the bandwagon and email sgc2003@hotmail.com

thanks a bunch in advance,
emily j.
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