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reclaim your health: a do-it-yourself health fair!

Dear inspiring friends, midwives, herbalists,
health-collective-organizers, skillsharers, holistic nutritionists, sex
workers, massage therapists, doulas, activists and more...

This March, the newly formed Detroit Health Collective will be hosting
Reclaim Your Health! a do-it-yourself health fair. The purpose of this
event is to share our knowelege and reclaim our bodies with practical
workshops, to educate and empower ourselves and our communities, and to
network with other folks doing this work.
We believe that access to healthcare is a right, and that knowlege should
be shared, not reserved only for the experts. We are deticated to
education and do-it-yourself skillsharing as well as providing information
about free/sliding scale options for low income people. This event is a
starting point for bigger projects and discussions.
You are recieving this email because I feel we could use your vision, your
voice, your passion and your skills to make this health fair something
truly amazing.

We are tentativly planning on a two-day event filled with skillshares and
Some of the topics we are especially looking for are:
-working the system: accessing free health care
-fertility awareness and vaginal self examination
-starting a womens self-health group, history and practical applications
-practical considerations for running a free clinic
-holistic nutrition/ eating well for cheap
-basic herbalism/ plant identification
-massage therapy and body work
-mens health issues/ gender socialization and emotional health
-transgender health issues- finding trans friendly providers, etc
-mental health issues(alternatives to mainstream treatments and working
within the traditional models of care, support, trauma, etc)
-disabilities and access to healthcare
-pregnancy and childbirth options
-enviormental health
-immigration, language and cultural barriars and access to healthcare
but of course we are also open to your suggestions and ideas!

If this sounds interesting to you and you think you can help, please
respond and let us know. Our email address should be up in a few days, it
is, until then you can respond directly to
this email address.

Please forward this to anyone your think would be interested, and feel
free to post everywhere.

Thank you!
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