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Our Bodies Ourselves - input!

i haven't seen any livejournal posts on this, but i'm sorry if it's been posted already. either way- it's a good thing, and you should concider it (and definitely check out the website to do the least).
much love,
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Hi everyone,

As most of you know, a couple months ago I was
asked to write the new chapter on Sexual
Orientation and Gender Identity. It's been a
really exciting and overwhelming and amazing

Something that makes Our Bodies Ourselves
different from other books is that it includes
stories and anecdotes from real anonymous women
(which to me means anyone who identifies as a
woman in any capacity).This is where you come
in.The editors of the book have not done a good
job getting the word out, and very few anecdotes
have been submitted thus far. So, I'm asking you
all to do me a huge favor and forward the e-mail
I pasted below to every person you know, every
list you're on, wheatpaste it around the
city, post it on Friendster, do whatever you
have to do to get the word out. It's SO
important for me to have diverse voices in my
chapter, and I really don't want to use the
horriblecheesy quotes that they included in the
1998 edition (that of course didn't include any
quotes from trans women). Thank you everyone!!!

** Please Forward Widely and Forgive Duplicates**

I'm writing the new chapter on Sexual
Orientation and Gender Identity for the 2005
edition of Our Bodies Ourselves, and I'm looking
for input for the chapter.
If any of you have read previous editions of Our
Bodies Ourselves you know that the book includes
both anecdotes from anonymous women related to
the topics being discussed and resource lists at
the end of each chapter. It would be wonderful
if you could:

1. Visit the Our Bodies Ourselves website http://www.ourbodiesourselves.org/obos05.htm
and submit your personal stories to be used in
the book. As I said above, I'm writing Chapter
9 - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. I'm
interested in including a wide range of
experiences in my chapter. I'd especially like
trans, people of color, disabled, intersexed,
and working class voices to be heard, but I
encourage everyone to submit. No names will be
associated with the quotes. If you feel
comfortable, it would also be helpful for me if
you sent me your stories directly so I can
directly incorporate your words into my chapter
as I work.

2. Send me the names of your favorite books,
websites, magazines, novels, etc. that concern
trans, intersex, sexual orientation,
bisexuality, gender discrimination, coming out,
homophobia, and finding unity issues. You can e-
mail the names of your resources to me

Thank you so much for your help. I'm so excited
and honored to be the chapter's author, and I
think that it's incredible that the editors of
the book chose a young (I'm 23), African
American, femme-identified dyke to write the
chapter. Please feel free to contact me if you
have any further questions.

- Elizabeth S. Lindsey, Philadelphia
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